My guest this week is Catherine Kullmann

Ireland has a great tradition of poets and authors, and Catherine Kullmann is ibkt the latest in a centuries' old line. Born in Dublin, after marrying she and her husband lived in Germany for 26 years before returning to Dublin, where, finally, she fulfilled her ambition to set pen to paper and write.

In the list of questions I sent to Catherine, I forgot to ask the most important. What led her to writing Regency Romances or to give them a very dull name: womens historical literature! The very sound,'womens historical literature' makes me shudder whereas Regency Romances presents a very different picture, of frippery and round bonnets, and love under the zealous eye of a governess and, of course, gorgeous heroes.

And, I promiuse you, Catherine doesn't disappoint.

Surprising she confesses to being a Pantzer rather than a plotter, saying that, she loves discovering her characters. "They reveal themselves as I write. There is nothing like the moment when a book takes flight, often taking me in an unexpected direction."

Four novels have so far tumbled from Catherine's pen, The Duchess of Gracechurch Trilogy 

Here Catherine talks about Duke's Regret, the third in the Duchess of Gracechurch Trilogy.

"Some characters slip into your books unplanned and unheralded only to play a pivotal role in the story. So it was with Flora, the young Duchess of Gracechurch in The Murmur of Masks. In 1815, when The Murmur of Masks ends, Flora and her husband, Jeffrey are in their thirties. Their relationship is distant and I began to wonder what her future life might be like, after her children had left home. Modern solutions of a friendly divorce or ‘conscious uncoupling’ were not possible at the time. Short of killing off Jeffrey, I could see no hope for Flora’s future happiness.

Then I found the miniature of an unknown regency gentleman that I used for the cover of The Duke’s Regret and began to wonder about Jeffrey’s story. Why had he neglected his young bride? What if, after all these years, he wanted to change their relationship? Would it be possible and could I make it plausible?

Yes, I do have a favourite: A Suggestion of Scandal. I admit to having a penchant for lonely governesses who win through against all the odds.

If you check into my podcast on Facebook, which airs on a Sunday at 6.30pm, I may well have time to read an excerpt from this novel. 

As to the future?

The Potential for Love will be published in 2021. For Catherine's legion of fans I know they will be waiting with bated breath.

Where can people go to read your work?

EBooks can be ordered on Amazon, as can paperbacks. Paperbacks can also be ordered in every bookshop. My books are also available free to members of Kindle Unlimited.

Where can people find you on the internet?
I am on Facebook as @catherinekullmannauthor
I tweet as @ckullmannauthor

Is there anything else you would like to share with your readers?

Just to say thank you for your interest in my books, and a special thank you to those who have taken the time to rate and/or review them.

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