I received a Book Excellence Award


I am incredibly excited to announce that I have been recognied as a Book Excellence Award Finalist for my book, The Year the Swans Came in the Romance Category




Founded in Toronto, Ontario, the Book Excellence Awards is an international book awards competition dedicated to recognising both independent and traditionally published authors and publishers for excellence in writing, design and overall market appeal.

 Rather than entering ‘Swans’ into the fantasy category, because I always think of fantasy as set in some far-distant world and I wasn’t offered magical realism, which is set in our world, and follows our rules but with a twist, I chose romance. Because for me it is a love story – very much so between Maidy and Zande. 

To view my complete award listing, you can visit: https://honorees.bookexcellenceawards.com/#!/The-Year-the-Swans-Came-Romance/

And of course it is available on Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/Year-Swans-Came-historical-fiction-ebook/dp/B07H7MJFB2/

About 'The Year the Swans Came' Planned as a Stand-Alone because of all the unanswered questions, I immediatelly wrote the prequel. The storyline which begins in the Bay of Biscay off the south-west tip of France in 1934, takes readers through the Spanish Civil War and on to WW2 and Holland. The main character,, Maidy is the youngest daughter in the Bader family whoh live in a city of bridges and narrow alleyways, who create decorative mirrors for royalty. The other key players are very different. They are the carinatae, a race of magical beings able to shape shift between human, swan and the celeste, the image of Zeus himself.

Review: Katherine

February 2020 Heart wrenching novel of epic scope! I picked this book for the title-I love swans-but this far exceeded my hopes. Ms Spenser has woven a tale of magic and myth that will live in my heart and head forever! Two teenage girls from a land torn by war and occupation come of age together-one gorgeous and selfish, the other insightful and reserved-learning I’d love, loss, family and the frailty of outward appearances. This book seemed slow and steady at the beginning and a little too full of secrets that happened prior to the opening pages but once it got going it just flew fast and furious like a summer storm and the secrets were revealed one after another. I loved it! Thanks to #netgalley for the ARC of #theyeartheswanscame in exchange for an honest review.


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Born into the carinatae, a race of shape-shifters and magical beings, Yöst believes his life in their island village wondrous – until death comes to call.

In the guise of the local priest, determined to wipe the carinatae from the face of the earth, only Yöst and two young children, Zande, destined to be the next ruler, and Tatania, survive the massacre.

Aware the priest will not cease his search until they too are dead, Yöst begs sanctuary from Ramon, a gypsy farmer whose family fled  the war in Spain and, unaware of their history, Ramon offers a home in return for work. Unused to labour of any kind, Yöst strikes up a close friendship with Rico, the only son in a house full of girls, who helps him through the first difficult years.

UAs their relationship strengthens and deepens, Yöst begins to think of staying and making his life there as a farmer … forgetting that as carinatae, his own date with destiny is fast approaching.

And so is death ...


My Recommendation: Read, The Year the Swans Came first and follow it with The 

Click of a Pebble. After that anything goes - it is a trilogy after all. But if you want to dive straight into Sunset on Golden Wings which came out on the 30th April - enjoy you won't be disappointed.


 Barbara Spencer
Award Winning Author of Broken and The Amazing Brain of O C Longbotham



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