Age and the Antique Sideboard

Age and the Antique sideboard was intended to be my final sortie into the world of book-writing, having decided to 'hang up my pen.' Over the years, whilst travelling to distant schools and signings at Waterstones, I had gathered both short stoies and blogs, mostly about things that made me both laugh and cry. Then I asked Katie Beltrami, who drew the cover for The Lions of Trafalgar, to undertake the cartoons. (I am sure she regretted saying yes.)

"Growing Old is like embarking on the dreaded gym class in secondary school, and complaining a lot."

Dedicated to the more mature echelons of society and delightfully illustrated by Katie Beltrami, who just happens to be young, Barbara Spencer’s Age and the Antique Sideboard takes a fun-filled look at life, in which there are some extraordinary goings-on.

Exhibiting a somewhat 'pithy’ sense of humour, Barbara shares short stories and anecdotes from her travels as well as her personal life. When questioned, as to why she had decided to take this step, she replied: “I’ve always been good at making children laugh and thought it time to have a go at the rest of the world. After all, a book that makes you laugh versus a pair of socks for Christmas? No contest.”

ISBN: 9781788032810
Published in paperback by Troubador 2017 £8.50

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