The Click of a Pebble - Book 1 Children of Zeus

If taken in order, The Click of a Pebble is the first in a series of adult Fairy Tales, culminating in The Year the Swans Came. However, after readers had twisted my arm, I agreed that The Year the Swans Came should be read first with the trilogy Children of Zeus following: 

Books in the trilogy: Children of Zeus: The Click of a Pebble, An Ocean of White Wings, The Drumming of Heels 
An Ocean of White Wings : Expected Publication: March 2020

‘You must promise never to speak out about your heritage,’ his grandmother warned, ‘because people fear anything different.’
‘Fear us!’ Yƶst laughed in protest. ‘We are too few to fear.’
‘It makes no difference. We are descendants of Zeus, magical creatures …’

Published by Troubador 
ISBN: 978 1838590 888   £9.99
Ebook   £3.46

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