Time Breaking

"I so hate my life. Why can't I be someone else?

      But plunged into the nightmare world of the 17th century is not exactly what Molly had in mind when she said this.

Constantly at loggerheads with her parents, fifteen-year-old Molly is dragged off to stay in a 17th century manor house, once the home of Sir Richard Blaisdale, a Royalist, There, she triggers a time-chute and reappears in 1648 towards the end of the English Civil War, to find she has taken the place of Molly Hampton, the eldest daughter in a Puritan family. Labelling the seventeenth century as 'barbaric', Molly is hell-bent on escaping back to her own life only to find the manor house now barred to her. 
      Forced to continue with the charade, Molly meets Richard, Sir Richard’s eldest son, and supposedly her best friend, only to find herself falling in love with him She also discovers in Ann Hampton and her new sisters and brother, the family she has always dreamed of. Gradually, Molly begins to change her mind believing that she can stay and take Molly Hampton's place little realising that danger and disaster lie in wait for her ...

 ‘A wonderful, historical tale that grips hold and pulls you right in. You are cleverly drawn to the life of a teenager in the present and past with all the confusions of life and love. A book that is not easy to put down – I read it in a day!’ Liz Lazenbury, Librarian, Kelly College
‘What a stunning story! I really enjoyed it and couldn't put it down. A great historical story: so well researched. I look forward to recommending it to my girls.’ Veronica Way, Librarian, St Dunstans School
‘Time Breaking kept me reading and each evening I was keen to find out what was going to happen next. Molly is an inspiration for the disaffected teenager in all of us. As an unorthodox girl in a world of man's prejudices and suspicions, her courage leads her to finally realise that, if she can't change the unchangeable, then she must accept it and live her life to the full. A thoroughly enjoyable book.’ Jane Hubbard, Department of English
Seen through the eyes of a fifteen-year-old girl, Time Breaking offers a fascinating snapshot of life in a by-gone era. And many teens today will able to identify with Molly and the challenges and frustrations she deals with in her modern life. An excellent read – I haven’t enjoyed a book so much for ages.’ Somerset School Librarian.
Published by Troubador: 2011
ISBN: 9781848767331
Ebook: ASIN: B0130T1ONO Amazon.co.uk  £1.99
Amazon.com $2.61

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